What is a message, skill, or other gift you would like to share with the world? We help outside-the-box thinkers present their ideas to the world through seminars, workshops, and online classes.

Products and Services

Open Path Studio teams with creatives and subject matter experts to create online learning – from small workshops to full-sized courses, or even a series of courses.  Starting with your initial vision, the next steps include project road-mapping, instructional design, multimedia creation of content, and production of the course(s).

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Kevin. The man behind the curtain; in charge of event production, streaming and capturing video, project management for creative professionals, and providing logistics, marketing, and business consulting.
Cass. Writer, story collector, and curriculum developer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. She’s a multipotentialite who’s skilled in sales, editing, instructional design, public speaking, and technical writing.
Tamra. Education strategist and instructional designer whose focus is on empowerment and personal agency. She has extensive experience designing for neurodiversity considerations, student-centric learning, and competency-based education.
Dan. Creative manager. He provides the opportunity for creative and highly driven people to do what they are best at (being visionaries and creating things) while making sure that the world doesn’t fall apart around them while they are in the spotlight.